Uji Sensitivitas Antibakteri Dari Pus Ulkus Diabetes Mellitus Terhadap Antibiotika di RSUD Dr. M.Yunus Kota Bengkulu Tahun 2016

  • Heti Rais Khasanah
  • Krisyanella Krisyanella


Diabetic ulcers are the most unloved and frightening chronic complications for patients, bacteria that are resistant to certain antibiotics giving considerable attention to health agencies around the world. This suggests that antibiotics do not work optimally and that the diseases that have initially improved, can be experienced back with a worse prognosis. Objective: To know the sensitivity of antibiotic to bacteria in pus patient of diabetes mellitus ulcers. Method: This study was conducted by taking a sample of pus from patients with ulcers of diabetes mellitus. The samples obtained were identified and isolated to obtain the type of bacteria present in the pus. After obtaining the type of bacteria contained in the pus carried out the sensitivity test by using the method of diffusion caktram and diamtai diameter zone inhibition of bacterial growth formed Result: The type of bacteria from the sample obtained by bacteria Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Antibiotics that show sensitivity to bacteria result from diabetes mellitus ulcer pus isolation is gentamicine with result of measurement 24.3 mm and seftazidine with measurement 18.7 mm.


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