Uji Dissolusi Terbanding Tablet Metilprednisolon Generik Bermerek dan Generik Berlogo Dibandingkan Dengan Tablet Metilprednisolon Paten

  • Hansen Nasif
  • Erizal Zaini
  • Agnes S


Generic drugs are drugs that have expired patents and then can be produced by different industries from innovator companies. Controversy over the use of drugs Patents / original drugs and generic / copy drugs have been ongoing in society, including health practitioners, although research on the pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic phases has been widely practiced. In biopharmaceutical studies, different formulations and drug production processes can affect the availability of drugs in the blood which in the later stages will affect the effects of the drug. This study aims to study the dissolution of methylprednisolone 4 mg branded generic tablets from drug manufacturers PT.B, generic “berlogo” from PT.I and patent product from PT.P. Dissolved content was measured using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 200-400nm. The dissolution profile showed no significant difference for patent / innovator, generic branded and generic “berlogo” with similarity factor (F2) patent product with branded generic is 86,9 and patent product with generic logo is 81,2, so it can be concluded that the dissolution profiles of these three drugs are the same.


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